Bitcoin Faucet that pays as of 2017

Bitcoin Faucet that pays as of 2017

How do we define good bitcoin faucet?

Let us cut all the other crap and advertisements that says you will get 50,000 satoshi every five minutes or so. Win $100 in every spin or getting 100% ROI in one month. If a site or an application promises you something that is too good to be true then believe me it probably is. If it is very easy to earn money (or satoshi) then everybody would be rich by now. Including me.

There is no easy way to earn money. But there are ways.

Basically, a good bitcoin faucet is a faucet that PAYS. That is it. Nothing else.

I will admit, I am still new in this bitcoin sphere. I did my research and tried it myself. Here is the first faucet that I am currently using. I will update this page every now and then to give you update if the other faucets that I am using pays.

Bonus Bitcoin


Registration is easy. You just have to put you bitcoin wallet address or email address and type your password.

You can claim satoshi in this site every 15 minutes. You will receive random number of satoshis with every claim, up to 5,000 satoshi. But believe me, maybe you need to make a million or more claims before getting that one chance 5,000 claim. My suggestion is to change your claim setting to “receive average satoshi”. With this, you will get a sure 100-104 satoshi every 15 minutes.

You can withdraw anytime as long as you have a minimum of 10,000 satoshi. Please note, they have a fee of 1,000 satoshi if your withdrawal is below 50,000 satoshi.

Let us do the math. Let us say you will spend 3 hours a day in this site. That means you need to claim 12 times.

100 satoshi  = 15 minutes

400 satoshi = 1 hour

1,200 satoshi = 3 hours

12,000 = 10 days

Meaning, you need 10 days to get your minimum withdrawal or maybe 8 days, because the site gives 5% daily bonus on the total amount of satoshi that you claim for the past 72 hours.


(Since I am always in front of the computer, I spend at least 6 hours a day as per the above image)

Now, the question is, does it pay?

Well, as per my experience, yes it does.

See below.


I withdrew 10,000 satoshi on April 4, 2017. There was a 1,000 withdrawal fee. I am supposed to get 9,000 satoshi in my bitcoin wallet.


On the following day, April 5, 2017, I have received an email that I have received the 9,000 satoshi in my Coinbase bitcoin wallet.


As you can see, it is not much, but bottomline,